Sunday, March 29, 2009

KR: Reached Pro E

The first weekend of double experience event is over. The event will start again next weekend for the last time. I fought my way through the depths of Deep Inferno with fast Koreans players with specials rules such as: 2x boosters, 13 seconds to shoot, and Tomas only. If you don't follow the room's rule, you will get kicked in no time. Each round takes close to 7-8 minutes to complete with 4 players/3 holes. I also like to thank some of my vet friends from Albatross18 for helping me level too. It was tiresome, and I didn't think I would be able to reach the rank of Pro E.

Semi-Pro D: 2985 / 2994 +9 exp
Semi-Pro C: 0 / 3117 +3117 exp
Semi-Pro B: 0 / 3240 +3240 exp
Semi-Pro A: 0 / 6480 +6480 exp
Pro E: 94 / 4536 +94 exp

Total experience points earned this weekend: 12,940

So how did I do it? Thanks to Season 4 new experience rule, 5 star courses like Deep Inferno and Wind Hill will reward you with larger amount of experience points. The fastest way to level is simply doing 4 player/3 hole/DI. Period. Also, I should give a big thanks to the potatoes for giving me more bonuses than it should have given. Potato bug ftw.

The picture above shows how much experience I get with all of these equipped. The experience points on the right shows how much I will get depending on my position. This is for 4 players/3 holes/Deep Inferno.

Also note that Ntreev has capped the experience multiplier to x4. So if you try to combine Joy Candies and Chocolates during double experience event, you are pretty much wasting one of your items. It will use both of the items, and you will still only get x4. Extra bonuses such as mascots, promise ring, etc are fine.

So am I going for National Pro? Sure, why not?! I highly doubt I can get National Pro next weekend. Since I still have plenty of potatoes left while it's bugged giving me more xp, and who knows when double experience event will come back. I might as well keep on leveling for the fun of it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

JPN Update (3-26-09)

Japan has been updating once a week so far, and they have more surprises in store for their players. Let's take a look at today's update that they have all been waiting for since the launch of Season 4.

Update 1) Card-o-Holic

Japan has finally receive card packs to boost their game play. What? You thought they had these cards since they received Season 4? The cards are the exact copies from Pangya KR, including broken cards such as Titanboo (instant -1m wind) and Cadie (widen Pangya zone). Japan has been careful with balance issues, but it looks like there won't be any restrictions with this system. Well, except that you cannot sell or buy cards in PSquare as you can on Korea.

You may purchase card packs for 15 cookies to receive three random cards. You may also win gold, silver, or bronze card ticket from the treasures. Card ticket only contain one card inside. It's pretty much exactly like Korea.

Recently I made a theory about Korea releasing a new volume 2 card pack in the near future. Thanks to Japan, I think there is proof that there is such a thing as volume 1 and 2 card packs. The proof is this card pack picture here. See how it says volume 2 on the bottom? Well there you go. I mean they placed volume number one for a purpose that other volumes will be coming out. If not, they would have simply called it a plain card pack.

The unique thing about opening card packs in Japan is how it's presented. On Korea, when you open card packs, it shows a pop-up window showing your winnings. As for Japan, it'll display sounds and animations as if you were doing the Gachapon lottery.

Select which card pack you want to open first.

Click on the card to open it up.

Cards will pop out from the pack, and...

... see what you win!

Opening single card tickets will display one card as shown.

Update 2) Crystal Hunt

It's a mediocre event, but it's better than nothing. Play around the course and you may receive a pink crystal from the hole. Collect 5 and exchange it for a random prize, or you may win the event's prize of 5x yellow Sakura phoenix ball. It's basically just like the regular Sakura ball.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Motion Items

The motion item as I like to call it is a must have for your favorite Characters. With it's own equipment slot along with lots of extra features, it's definitely worth the money. On Korea, every motion item will cost 49 cookies.

Let's take a look at the previous released motion items.

Release date: 11-7-06
Accuracy +1
Pangya = 3 bonus pang / PPIC = 2 bonus pang
Increases treasure point rate + drops two event items instead of one
Activates new animation on tee and HIO/Alba

Release date: 2-13-07
Accuracy +1
Curve +1
Pangya = 3 bonus pang / PPIC = 2 bonus pang
Increases treasure point rate + drops two event items instead of one
Activates new animation on tee and HIO/Alba

Release date: 2-26-08 (simultaneous release)
Accuracy +1
Pangya = 3 bonus pang / PPIC = 2 bonus pang
Increases treasure point rate + drops two event items instead of one
Activates new animation on tee and HIO/Alba

Release date: 7-29-08
Accuracy +1
Pangya = 3 bonus pang / PPIC = 2 bonus pang
Increases treasure point rate + drops two event items instead of one
Activates new animation on tee and HIO/Alba

Release date: 10-13-08
Accuracy +1
Pangya = 3 bonus pang / PPIC = 2 bonus pang
Increases treasure point rate + drops two event items instead of one
Activates new animation on tee and HIO/Alba

The only Characters left without the motion item are Arin, Kooh, and Lucia. The time may be drawing near for a new motion item to come out. The big question is, which of the three girls will receive it, and what will their motion item look like.

This is where you readers come in. Guess which Character will be next in line for the motion item. Also, what do you think the animations will be like.

I'm guessing and hoping it'll be Arin since I'll be pumping her up with strong upgrades. I imagine Arin's animation will have something to do with Hato (her declious fat bird). I had in mind on her new tee animation, she's is floating in the air while holding onto a gigantic Hato sort of like Hana. Kooh will probably be some kind of portable flying pirate ship. And Lucia... I have no clue. Let your imagination flow, and let us know what you think.

Monday, March 23, 2009

KR Update (3-25-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance on March 25th from 10:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM. Eastern time converts to March 24th 9:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM. A total of 2 hours of server downtime.

(EDIT: Server maintenance has changed. Check above for details)

- 31st scratch rare update : Nurse set -

Nurse outfits for all the ladies. If you get hurt from a tomahawk, these girls will fix you right up~

- Ticket exchange event -

Notice: There will be a server maintenance on March 26th 5:00 ~ 11:00 AM. For eastern time, that will be March 25th 4:00 ~ 10:00 PM. A total of 5 hours. Once the server comes back, the ticket exchange event will be available. Joy~ (picture may be a representation of the event and may be subject to change)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

JPN Update (3-19-09)

Today, Japan will be bringing out a new Gachapon rare that was previewed earlier that's coming out on Korea's 31st set, the Nurse outfit. As a bonus, fairy wings will be included in this set for Lucia only. In addition, Brie and Dolfini will be receiving their newly designed skins. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

As usual, Lucia's nurse outfit looks great. Out of all the girls, she is the only one who wants to show off her cleavage. Nurse outfits will have two color variations, pink or blue. Pink will be the default color. Korea will obviously be expected to release this set next week. (finally..)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

KR: Quit your bitching

The one thing I hate the most is when people starts bitching on foreign games that they have no knowledge about. Yes, it's annoying that Ntreev is having so many non-routine maintenance at unexpected times, but get over it. If somehow Ntreev USA does transfer your accounts, I'm positive there are going to be errors. Lots of them. I'm sure if you were in the company's shoes, you would understand their situation better instead of going on the internet, and complain. Sure, complaining may make you feel better, but feeling negative over a short period of time isn't worth it.

Ntreev has apologize countless times, and they are putting efforts in making the servers and contents stabilized. To make up for this, they announced yesterday that they are going to give us something for the trouble. See? Ntreev doesn't want to disappoint their players.

- Players who has bought time limit items will have their expiration increased. One month will be added towards: Caddies salary, Caddies skin, Mascots, and Cookie coupons.

- Most events has been bumped up for one more week. The ticket exchange event will start next week on March 24th instead of the 17th. Since you need to open the promise boxes for that event, I'm sure they needed one more week to fix the opening box issue. Hopefully that will be ready when the ticket exchange event opens. Since that event has been delayed for one week, ticket exchange and the promise box event's deadline has also been pushed to April 16th instead of the 9th.

- Two double experience weekends. The first weekend will start on March 28th ~ 29th. The second weekend will start on April 4th ~ 5th.

- Compensation gifts will be sent to your accounts later on. One full sets of Auto-Calipers, Time Boosters, and an Afro wig for a random Character.

Alright so what do you think? Hopefully this will prove to people who are unaware on what's going on in Korea. Understand that don't judge Korea Pangya quickly if you either don't know the language or even play the server. Leave it to the veterans like myself to tell you what is happening. So if you see anybody who pretends to know everything about KR Pangya, and starts complaining about their multiple server maintenance, do me a favor and tell them to, "quit bitching."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pangya Award 2009

Pangya Thailand has seven different categories to pick the best for the year 2009. Let's take a look, and remember that they are in Season 4.

Best Male Character: Nuri (Scout)
Best Female Character: Kooh
Best Favorite Event: Hong Bao
Best Favorite Course: Blue Lagoon
Best Supporting Character: Cadie (Brie)
Best Original BGM: Zero Fill Love
Best Background Character: Cien


That's a nice list, but let me show you mine!

My Best Male Character: Kaz
My Best Female Character: Arin
My Best Favorite Event: Scavenger Crystal Hunt
My Best Favorite Course: Pink Wind
My Best Supporting Character: Brie
My Best Original BGM: Navy Blue
My Best Background Character: Ice Spa Penguins

What's yours?

Friday, March 13, 2009

JPN Update (3-12-09)

With Albatross18 out of the picture and Korea experiencing difficulties with their servers, let's take a look at what's going on over at Japan. Sorry Thailand, I promise to post something about you guys next week.

Japan has released Kaz's new motion item to summon the dragon, Consientia from the depths of Deep Inferno. Korea already has this item in their servers. If you haven't seen what it looks like, then check out this video link that I posted from Korea's server. The "Dragonfly earring" will equip on his ear (does not overlap elf ears). The earring will perform different animations on both Intro and Alba/HIO.

Around May of last year, they released some exclusive caddy skins that were drawn by the community. They were handpicked by the team, and the winners will have their designs brought into the game. The caddies selected last year were Lola, Titanboo, and Tiki. There are four caddies left, so they brought back this event again for the people who is ready to unleash their creativity once again. Four caddies were picked, and only two will be brought in the shop. The two selected caddies are, Pipin Rabbit and Ninja Quma skin. Congratulations to these artists.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

1000 Drawing - Set 1

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

KR Update (3-10-09)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

JPN: Valentine's Guys Event

I was shocked to see this, but not surprised either. The girls already had their fun for having a stick in their mouths, and now it's the guys turn. Same case as last time, you keep playing and you may receive a green box from the hole with a name on it. Their heart gauge will increase the more you collect the boxes, and to fill up their meter you need to collect 10 for each of the boys.

In the shop, they added love candy and joy candy that you can purchase in the shop. It only cost a mere 8 cookies over there with 50 uses that grants you x2 experience. They also include the heart facepaint and the old Valentine T-shirt in the shop as well. Lucia has received the new white Valentine shirt (Accuracy slot+2 lulz), and kiss facepaint that you will be able to create in Brie's Magic Box. This is available to other Characters too and not Lucia alone. To obtain these items from the magic box, you have to collect broken heart pieces from the hole just like you are going for the green boxes. You can also receive a jar of candy from the hole that gives you x1.2 pang increase.

So it'll be no surprise that Korea will receive this update too. The question is, why the guys! Why!?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pangya Top 5 (Disadvantage)

Gambling. This tests your patience, self-control, and practically luck. You wager how much you want to spend for an uncertain outcome to win rare items. Black Papel lottery was first introduced in Season two to gamble your hard earned virtual currency (pang), and hope for the best. But the best way to earn valuable items in the game is to test your luck on spending your own cash for scratch rares or card packs. This creates a problem that factors luck as the majority. Players will have to decide how much they will wager, or force themselves to avoid gambling to begin with. Another problem is how gambling can be addicting. You will keep spending on money until you are either satisfied or walking away empty handed. If gambling isn't your style, then you can still purchase items in the shop. But, to get the best item in the game, you will have to test your luck like everybody else. This puts pressure on players since scratch card rares are more attractive than outfits in the shop, including cookie outfits. Always know when it is the right time to stop, and keep track on how much you are spending.

Hackers. Almost every MMO games out there has to face this problem ahead on. These kinds of people who likes to take the easy way on things will most likely resort to hacking games for their little amusement. Most hackers are doing it for recognition and to impress others that they can perform things that legit players cannot. Some do it for power to feel dominant. There's simply no way to tell hackers to stop ruining the game because they obviously don't care what other people thinks. They hack because they don't care about the consequences so chances are they won't care what happens to the community too. The best way to encourage these people is giving hackers the spotlight of the show. Since hackers cannot become decent human beings, they resort to getting attention the wrong way, just like bullies in high schools. Retaliate toward hackers in front of people is exactly what they crave to know they are being recognized. Taunting them is only going to make them feel great rather than making them stop. Simply ignore and make them feel isolated to make the game boring to them. Without an audience to keep them going, there's little point in continuing their pointless acts.

Addiction. Does Pangya control your life? I personally think it's fine to like what you are enjoying, but being obsessive is a whole different situation. If you are having problems keeping away from this game, at least think things through to overcome this. Addicting to MMO games like Pangya can be extremely harmful to you, and it should be treated just as seriously as other addictions. To determine if you are addicted, then you may experience the following: loss of sleep, gaining weight, spending excessive amount of money, and skipping work or school. Don't let these type of games affect your lifestyle. If things get way out of hand, take a break from the game to get your mind straighten out. Explore new hobbies to keep your mind away from the game. If you cannot step away from the game easily, start decreasing the amount of time you play each day until you can finally force yourself to quit for awhile. Most people find it better to uninstall the game to avoid going back during their break. Once you are ready to get back into the game, make sure your addiction doesn't come back again.

Repetition. The main part of golfing is sinking your ball into the hole with less strokes as possible. That's it? Well that part alone may be true, but there are more to explore in this game to improve the game's longevity. Most MMO games will face this problem that players will simply get bored of doing the same thing over and over. Unless you have no goals for improvement, you won't last long in this game. Thanks to Season 4, players who were bored from the earlier seasons can finally make a comeback of their favorite game once again. The problem lies how long that will last before they leave again. That's what you expect from a MMO game, but in order to avoid repeating what you are doing over and over, try different methods to change your own style of play and see if that's not interesting enough. Events may be appearing once in awhile to keep players entertain, but once it's over, it's going to feel dull again. If it's getting boring, don't force yourself to keep going. Take a break and come back when you're starting to miss whacking balls.

Scammers. There are people who feel the need to steal. They will pretend to be the most trustworthy person in the world to do an item trade with you. Once they catch you off-guard, they won't hesitate to take your item and never see you again. Other scam actions such as stealing your information like your password. Such actions result in pretending to be an administrator asking for personal information. Admins and mods will never ask for information like these. They can get it themselves, so why do they need information from you when it's just a few simple clicks away from them. They are tricky people so they will know if you have no knowledge of getting scammed or not. To bring these scammers out, it's better to pretend that you trust this stranger and see what happens. Once you bring them out, that's the best chance to report and prevent other people of getting their possession stolen. There are stupid people in this world that will believe anything people say to them. Once the scammer finds such a person like that, then they will be victim to a dangerous trap. Simply don't ever trust people you do not know.