Monday, March 16, 2009

Pangya Award 2009

Pangya Thailand has seven different categories to pick the best for the year 2009. Let's take a look, and remember that they are in Season 4.

Best Male Character: Nuri (Scout)
Best Female Character: Kooh
Best Favorite Event: Hong Bao
Best Favorite Course: Blue Lagoon
Best Supporting Character: Cadie (Brie)
Best Original BGM: Zero Fill Love
Best Background Character: Cien


That's a nice list, but let me show you mine!

My Best Male Character: Kaz
My Best Female Character: Arin
My Best Favorite Event: Scavenger Crystal Hunt
My Best Favorite Course: Pink Wind
My Best Supporting Character: Brie
My Best Original BGM: Navy Blue
My Best Background Character: Ice Spa Penguins

What's yours?