Thursday, March 5, 2009

JPN: Valentine's Guys Event

I was shocked to see this, but not surprised either. The girls already had their fun for having a stick in their mouths, and now it's the guys turn. Same case as last time, you keep playing and you may receive a green box from the hole with a name on it. Their heart gauge will increase the more you collect the boxes, and to fill up their meter you need to collect 10 for each of the boys.

In the shop, they added love candy and joy candy that you can purchase in the shop. It only cost a mere 8 cookies over there with 50 uses that grants you x2 experience. They also include the heart facepaint and the old Valentine T-shirt in the shop as well. Lucia has received the new white Valentine shirt (Accuracy slot+2 lulz), and kiss facepaint that you will be able to create in Brie's Magic Box. This is available to other Characters too and not Lucia alone. To obtain these items from the magic box, you have to collect broken heart pieces from the hole just like you are going for the green boxes. You can also receive a jar of candy from the hole that gives you x1.2 pang increase.

So it'll be no surprise that Korea will receive this update too. The question is, why the guys! Why!?