Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pangya Top 5 (Disadvantage)

Gambling. This tests your patience, self-control, and practically luck. You wager how much you want to spend for an uncertain outcome to win rare items. Black Papel lottery was first introduced in Season two to gamble your hard earned virtual currency (pang), and hope for the best. But the best way to earn valuable items in the game is to test your luck on spending your own cash for scratch rares or card packs. This creates a problem that factors luck as the majority. Players will have to decide how much they will wager, or force themselves to avoid gambling to begin with. Another problem is how gambling can be addicting. You will keep spending on money until you are either satisfied or walking away empty handed. If gambling isn't your style, then you can still purchase items in the shop. But, to get the best item in the game, you will have to test your luck like everybody else. This puts pressure on players since scratch card rares are more attractive than outfits in the shop, including cookie outfits. Always know when it is the right time to stop, and keep track on how much you are spending.

Hackers. Almost every MMO games out there has to face this problem ahead on. These kinds of people who likes to take the easy way on things will most likely resort to hacking games for their little amusement. Most hackers are doing it for recognition and to impress others that they can perform things that legit players cannot. Some do it for power to feel dominant. There's simply no way to tell hackers to stop ruining the game because they obviously don't care what other people thinks. They hack because they don't care about the consequences so chances are they won't care what happens to the community too. The best way to encourage these people is giving hackers the spotlight of the show. Since hackers cannot become decent human beings, they resort to getting attention the wrong way, just like bullies in high schools. Retaliate toward hackers in front of people is exactly what they crave to know they are being recognized. Taunting them is only going to make them feel great rather than making them stop. Simply ignore and make them feel isolated to make the game boring to them. Without an audience to keep them going, there's little point in continuing their pointless acts.

Addiction. Does Pangya control your life? I personally think it's fine to like what you are enjoying, but being obsessive is a whole different situation. If you are having problems keeping away from this game, at least think things through to overcome this. Addicting to MMO games like Pangya can be extremely harmful to you, and it should be treated just as seriously as other addictions. To determine if you are addicted, then you may experience the following: loss of sleep, gaining weight, spending excessive amount of money, and skipping work or school. Don't let these type of games affect your lifestyle. If things get way out of hand, take a break from the game to get your mind straighten out. Explore new hobbies to keep your mind away from the game. If you cannot step away from the game easily, start decreasing the amount of time you play each day until you can finally force yourself to quit for awhile. Most people find it better to uninstall the game to avoid going back during their break. Once you are ready to get back into the game, make sure your addiction doesn't come back again.

Repetition. The main part of golfing is sinking your ball into the hole with less strokes as possible. That's it? Well that part alone may be true, but there are more to explore in this game to improve the game's longevity. Most MMO games will face this problem that players will simply get bored of doing the same thing over and over. Unless you have no goals for improvement, you won't last long in this game. Thanks to Season 4, players who were bored from the earlier seasons can finally make a comeback of their favorite game once again. The problem lies how long that will last before they leave again. That's what you expect from a MMO game, but in order to avoid repeating what you are doing over and over, try different methods to change your own style of play and see if that's not interesting enough. Events may be appearing once in awhile to keep players entertain, but once it's over, it's going to feel dull again. If it's getting boring, don't force yourself to keep going. Take a break and come back when you're starting to miss whacking balls.

Scammers. There are people who feel the need to steal. They will pretend to be the most trustworthy person in the world to do an item trade with you. Once they catch you off-guard, they won't hesitate to take your item and never see you again. Other scam actions such as stealing your information like your password. Such actions result in pretending to be an administrator asking for personal information. Admins and mods will never ask for information like these. They can get it themselves, so why do they need information from you when it's just a few simple clicks away from them. They are tricky people so they will know if you have no knowledge of getting scammed or not. To bring these scammers out, it's better to pretend that you trust this stranger and see what happens. Once you bring them out, that's the best chance to report and prevent other people of getting their possession stolen. There are stupid people in this world that will believe anything people say to them. Once the scammer finds such a person like that, then they will be victim to a dangerous trap. Simply don't ever trust people you do not know.