Wednesday, March 18, 2009

KR: Quit your bitching

The one thing I hate the most is when people starts bitching on foreign games that they have no knowledge about. Yes, it's annoying that Ntreev is having so many non-routine maintenance at unexpected times, but get over it. If somehow Ntreev USA does transfer your accounts, I'm positive there are going to be errors. Lots of them. I'm sure if you were in the company's shoes, you would understand their situation better instead of going on the internet, and complain. Sure, complaining may make you feel better, but feeling negative over a short period of time isn't worth it.

Ntreev has apologize countless times, and they are putting efforts in making the servers and contents stabilized. To make up for this, they announced yesterday that they are going to give us something for the trouble. See? Ntreev doesn't want to disappoint their players.

- Players who has bought time limit items will have their expiration increased. One month will be added towards: Caddies salary, Caddies skin, Mascots, and Cookie coupons.

- Most events has been bumped up for one more week. The ticket exchange event will start next week on March 24th instead of the 17th. Since you need to open the promise boxes for that event, I'm sure they needed one more week to fix the opening box issue. Hopefully that will be ready when the ticket exchange event opens. Since that event has been delayed for one week, ticket exchange and the promise box event's deadline has also been pushed to April 16th instead of the 9th.

- Two double experience weekends. The first weekend will start on March 28th ~ 29th. The second weekend will start on April 4th ~ 5th.

- Compensation gifts will be sent to your accounts later on. One full sets of Auto-Calipers, Time Boosters, and an Afro wig for a random Character.

Alright so what do you think? Hopefully this will prove to people who are unaware on what's going on in Korea. Understand that don't judge Korea Pangya quickly if you either don't know the language or even play the server. Leave it to the veterans like myself to tell you what is happening. So if you see anybody who pretends to know everything about KR Pangya, and starts complaining about their multiple server maintenance, do me a favor and tell them to, "quit bitching."