Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I wanted a chance to get into the Little Big Planet beta experience so the first thing I went to was the 1UP.com site. They are giving away 2,000 codes this week, but they were only giving away 500 per day. Monday ~ Thursday. I missed Monday's chance so I'm prepared for Tuesday then. At a random time, they will give out a question related to LBP, and you must answer it quickly since this contest is first-come, first-serve.

Luckily, I was at work next to a computer with internet access. I refresh the page once in awhile to see if the page updated to today's question. Finally, I saw Tuesday's question appear. All I had to do was find out how many premade levels will be in the final launch. All I did was CTRL + F and searched for "premade level." Then I found the answer, "over 60." I sent the answer, and waited patiently for the result.

I searched around the forums to be sure how everyone reacted to today's 1up challenge. Most of them said it started around 1:24 PM PDT. Guess when I submitted my answer? 1:27 PM. Only 3 minutes away, so I figured I had a good chance. And indeed I was right:

I didn't believe it when I got this e-mail. Sadly, the codes were not sent to my 1UP account yet. Many people said the same thing too. Guess I'll wait tomorrow for the code. (EDIT: Just got it now, inputting code nao!) If you ever want to see me play some Little Big Planet, head on over to my Justin.tv channel. I even have some players from Albatross18 visiting. Nicesu. Remember that this is BETA. The official launch will be around October 21st.