Wednesday, September 30, 2009

US Update (9-29-09)

Server maintenance is a day early due to the holiday. Korea developers will be planning to celebrate their holiday this week to have a large feast with their families, almost like a Korean Thanksgiving day. Server downtime is only a mere 2 hours, but there is an update after all.

Arin's Feather Earring

Ok, this part is a huge surprise to most of us. This item is probably the most popular item out of all the other Characters so far. What's puzzling to me is their motion item release order. Here's a breakdown on the order the motion items were released on the other servers:

KR Server:
Azer > Max > Nuri > Hana > Kaz > Cecilia > Arin
(Kooh and Lucia not released yet)

US Server:
Azer > Nuri > Arin

Well regardless on their order release intentions (besides money), this will be a great update for Arin fans who have seen my popular video showing how it looks in the game.

3 + 1 Card Deal

This has been done already in Korea, and it's no surprised that it's happening here too. You buy a package with the price of 3 card packs and get an extra 1 pack for free for a limited time of course. Luckily, I haven't bought that much card packs since I'm mostly waiting for the card extraction update.

Ventus Event Ends

The winners for the Ventus coupon event has been announced on here. I've read some people got upset that the event ended a day earlier while some people were almost done with the event. I didn't bother doing the mission event since... I already have all of those clubs from OGP haha.

About that Bonus Event?

Bonus Coin description
Beginning September 27th until September 29th 07:00PM(PDT), for every 5,000 Ntreev Cash Points recharged we will give out one free Gacha coin!

Bonus Scratchy description
Beginning September 25th until September 27th 11:59PM(PDT), rare item drop rates from Scratchy Card will be doubled! In addition, you'll receive 2 Scratchy Cards for every 1000 Ntreev Points spent from September 25th ~ 27th PDT as well!

Again, the dates has changed due to the holiday issue. Funny enough, these changes made it possible to get both Scratchy and Gacha coins bonuses at the same time. So yes, I purchased points on September 27th, and sure enough I still got my double Scratchy cards, and after server maintenance, I got my Gacha coins added to my account as well. It's a good thing I waited.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Top 10 Fav. Female Fighters (1-5)

Continuing on from part 1, let's finish up the top 10 list to see who is my favorite gal in fighting games.

Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters

Pics: 1 2 3

Mai may look innocent at first, but be careful that she has been trained to know Ninjitsu. Many guys has fallen for her, but she'll turn down your offer if you are a mere weakling. She is considered the idol of the KoF series (excluding the 12th installment because she's not in there!).

Mai's best characteristic part is obviously her bouncing juggles that looks like it's going to burst out of her outfit. She has won many awards because of her sex appeal. Every time I see her, I always think of that "Ponpon" song.

Talim from Soul Calibur

Pics: 1 2 3

This 15-year-old nature girl first appeared in the 2nd Soul Calibur game and fans welcomed her as a great addition to the series. She is very nimble in battle and wields a pair of elbow blades as her weapon of choice.

I find her personality rather cute to me. She's kind-hearted and does not show fear for such a young age. Besides that, she is an exceptional fighter with her speed and variety of attack moves. She may be somewhat obsessed talking with the winds all the time, but she's just a nature girl after all.

Sakura Kasugano from Street Fighter

Pics: 1 2 3

She made her first appearance in the 2nd Alpha series. This Japanese high school student became a Street Fighter because she idolizes Ryu, and she wants to train with him to become a better fighter. Her move list mimics just like Ryu except she does it in her own way.

I like her determined attitude and somewhat clumsy personality of her. It was tough choosing between Chun-Li and Sakura. Don't get me wrong, I like Chun-Li too, but Sakura has a certain charm to me that doesn't come close to the muscular leg fighter.

Kokoro from Dead or Alive

Pics: 1 2 3

This 17-year-old uses a Chinese martial art style called Ba Ji Quan. She made her first debut on the 4th Dead or Alive series. Her nationality is Japanese and somewhat French in the mix. She is a great balanced fighter and another welcome addition to the other lustful ladies in this series.

This was hard to pick because back on DoA 2 I liked Lei-fang. On DoA3 I liked Hitomi. Now on DoA4 I like Kokoro. So out of all three, Kokoro is my favorite in the series. Kokoro has a delicate beauty to her. She wears a Kimono dress, but when you see her in a bikini, it is...fabulous.

Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown

Pics: 1 2 3

Nakoruru is a spiritual priestess devoted to protecting mother nature. When she senses an evil presence, she will fight to relinquish the dark force, even if she has to spill blood to do so. She has a hawk companion Mamahaha, and a little sister Rimururu that helps her along the way.

Nakoruru is calm, polite, gentle, and everything else I could go on that I like about her. I play fairly well with her in the game with so many special moves. She dedicates her own life to make the world peaceful from evil even if it meant that she could die. Oh Nakoruru♪, you are brave and yet so charming to me at the same time. That's why I picked you as my favorite female fighter of all time.

So now you've seen what kind female Characters I like. This list I made would probably be so much different than other people. I could see someone listing Ivy from Soul Calibur because of her enormous breast with a hot attitude, or Tina from Dead or Alive because of her playboy looks and she does wrestling. It looks like I lean towards liking the cute and innocent side of women rather than being lustful? I guess that's the kind of person I am. How about you?

Some of you may disapprove my list, but remember that this is my list of my personal favorites. I don't know if I will continue to make another top 10 article like this again, but I suppose that determines what kind of feedback I get to decide that~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

KR Update (9-24-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance on September 24th from 8:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM. Eastern time will be from 7:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM on September 23th. A total of 3 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 11:00 AM (10:00 PM EDT).

Content Update
1) 37th Scratch Rare Set
- Physical Ear Plug (PEP)

2) Autumn Festive Season
- Free chestnut log-in attendance
- Hanbok sale limited time

3) Drum-Cat Concert
Invitational event

Content Remove
1) Kimono Outfits
- Limited sale period ends

New Scratch Rare

● Information
It is said that the Physical EarPlug (PEP) will enhance the capacity and physical condition of the wearer.

For the first effect, you will receive +1 to all of your overall stats. This is basically like a free power upgrade for players who wants another boost on their drive distance without lowering the control. +1 on all stats is a decent bonus, but thanks to the Card Holic system, this effect doesn't make it a substantial surprise. But, there's one more effect.

For the second effect, you will receive +16 units on your combo gauge at the start of the round. This is good permanent effect without having to rely on rental Caddy skins much. The best part is that you can combine your Caddy skin and PEP to receive a large initial boost. +16 units is about less than half of one bar, but combined with any Caddy skin you are guarantee to receive one full power gauge at the start of the game.

So, is this rare powerful? Not with it alone, but if you combine it with your other equipment, it can prove to be quite useful.

The biggest disadvantage is that it uses an ear slot. That's right, you will have to sacrifice either your feather, fairy ears, or headset for this. However, it's like I said if you combine properly it can be useful.

I will use my setup on my KR account to demonstrate how I would use the PEP item with my other equipment.

- Headset (earslot)
- PEP (earslot)
- Cadie card (SCR)
- Titanboo card
- Quma card (R)

Setup #1
Earslot = PEP
Shirt card slot = Quma card (R)
Shoe card slot = Cadie card (SCR)
(extra + Fairy Wings)

Setup #2
Earslot = Headset w/Quma card (R)
Shirt card slot = Titanboo card
Shoe card slot = Cadie card (SCR)
(extra + Fairy Wings)

You are probably wondering what this setup means. Well I'll try to explain this very simple. I do not care for the +1 bonus stats at all, and if I'm going for the extreme combo gauge abuse, then Setup #1 will do just that. However, I would have to sacrifice a Caddy card such as Titanboo to make it happen.

But why would I use a Quma card over Titanboo? If both Quma card and PEP were competing face to face on which would get you the most combo guage, it's obvious that Quma would be the winner. You may not receive the initial boost, but a rare Quma card gives you an incredible boost upon hitting Pangya. It starts to add up the more you play throughout the entire round. Basically, there's no point of using Setup #1 if I want Titanboo card to stay.

Now I hardly use fairy ears because...I have a secret Cadie card and fairy wings with a permanent +3 pixel on my Pangya zone. So I don't really need to use it. So pretty much the difference between setup 1 & 2 is the Titanboo card. One setup grants more combo guage, and the other with lesser plus a Titanboo card.

Some of you are probably thinking that this analysis is way to much. It is, but that's the kind of player I am that gets in depth with stuff like this. If you are the kind of player that wants to know how to gain an upper hand in the high tier competition, these kinds of observations are important. If you don't have fairy wings or a Cadie card, then I would stick to using fairy ears and not worry about this analysis part. ;;

● Notice
- PEP is obviously considered an ear-slot item
- You may change the color of your PEP to silver or black in Cadie's magic box
- Only PEP-100S can be won in the lottery which means a total of 9 rares instead of 18 in the system
- Silver gives all stats +1 & Black gives all stats "slot" +1

Hanbok Limited Period Sale

● Period
September 24th ~ October 6th

● Information
Hanboks will be making another reappearance in the shop for a limited time. Hanboks will come in two color variations to choose from, excluding a few Characters such as Azer, Nuri, and Max. Everything will cost cookies except for the footwear.

● Notice
- The last time Hanboks were on sale for a limited time was on January 19th of this year.

Chestnut Giveaway

● Period
October 2nd ~ October 4th

● Information
This is a simple 3 day period to giveaway chestnuts. When you log in to Pangya KR, you will receive ten chestnuts delivered to your mailbox.

● Notice
- You can only receive this gift once a day
- Chestnut grants you x2 experience

Drum-Cat Invitational Concert

● Information
They are a female drum group with lots of stylish moves and wild drumming performance. This group is a hit with the audiences and they have received awards for their popularity. Ntreev will be giving away fifteen free tickets to see the performance in the 2009 Korea Sparkling Festival located in Seoul, South Korea.

● Notice
Autumn is known as a festival season in Korea. They have festivals by watching live performances. This is part of their culture to celebrate the new season. You will see live performance such as drum rhythms, traditional dances, b-boys break dancing (picture added above for example), and much more.

© 2009, All rights reserved. This material may be copied online once credited to the rightful owner.

Monday, September 21, 2009

SLG First Anniversary

Hey guys, today this blog celebrates its first anniversary.

Looking back how it all began, I never expected to go this far. I started out as a simple blogger on Zoints and suddenly evolved into something greater. I moved up to where I am now because of your support that kept me going. I am happy to have readers from all over the world to visit my site on a daily basis.

I enjoy sharing my passion about Pangya, and video games I play. I go through every comment I receive and appreciate those comments that contribute to the amount of quality information of this blog.

So thank you to all the readers for your great feedback and your support is very much appreciated.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top 10 Fav. Female Fighters (6-10)

I have a tendency to play with female Characters, especially in fighting games. Guys like us usually pick a female Character for their voluptuous bust and good looks only. That part is true for most of us, but I also like to choose the ones that has a certain charm to me. There are other instances where I end up playing better with that Character regardless of gender.

I questioned myself of which female Characters I like the best. So I made a list of my top 10 personal favorite women in fighting games.

I'm not going to pick my favorite female Character in the same series more than once to avoid repetition. So that way we can see more variety. Today, I will only list the bottom tier first.

#10 Saki Tsuzura from Arcana Heart

This blue-haired brawler is known to be a great balance fighter and easy to play with. She's mainly called, "The Maiden with a noble heart." She is 14-years-old and her favorite subject is Math, Science, and English. Her worst subject is Art. She has been friends with Heart since childhood.

I mainly picked Saki because she was quite fun to play with. She may have a gloomy face from the other Arcana fighters, but I think she's... cute? Not as cute as Heart, but that's fine. I wouldn't get on her bad side, she knows how to kick. And you wouldn't want her to kick you in the area where you would lose your only manhood pride.

#9 Asuka Kazama from Tekken

Asuka received training of the Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts from her father. So this brash high school student is born with a strong sense of justice. She is 17-years-old and she hates cocky people to the point where she will get involved no matter if it has nothing to do with her.

She was introduced in Tekken 5, and she continues to make her appearance in the upcoming series. You can't button mash with her, so knowing her combo tricks is the best way to make her a formidable fighter. She is a bit arrogant, but deep down she can be sweet. Maybe that's why I like her?

#8 Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers

Morrigan is a succubus, which merely means a female demon seeking sexual activity with a man to feasts on their souls. Her dark powers were so great that some were sealed away. Some of her powers were transferred to another succubus named Lilith. She will sometimes go to the human world to seek some entertainment.

Morrigan definitely takes the word sexiness for sure. Her outfit is very exotic, but how does she keep those melons from popping out! Her and Lilith are hot, but it was easy that Morrigan is the winner because of her boing-boings.

#7 Pai Chan from Virtua Fighter

She is was born on Hong Kong where she learned her martial arts called Mizongyi. Her favorite pastime is dancing. When the fighting series started she was 18, but in the 5th installment she is now 32-years-old.

She's a famous star of a movie action film in Hong Kong. Her father trained her, and her mother died due to stress. Pai was devastated that her father (Lau) was to blame so she is determined to defeat him for revenge. But that all changed when her father became ill and needed a successor in his marital art school. Overall she's a very talent person that hardly shows any weakness. That's what I like about her.

#6 Noel Vermillion from Blazblue

She is tasked by the NOL Intelligence Chief Hazama with tracking down somebody. She processes a large handgun called the Bolverk which helps in chaining combos together. Watch out for her Distortion Drive as she transform her duo-handguns into one giant machine gun.

She's an interesting fighter, but she is fairly weak. That doesn't matter unless you can bring out her full potential of crazy chain combos together. I like her fighting style and her appearance. No matter if someone else is better than her, I still use her as my favorite.

The top 6~10 is out of the way so I will finish up the rest sometime this week. If you think the bottom tier list looks good, wait till you see my top 5! Any guesses on which female Characters might be on my top list? Comment away.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

US Update (9-17-09)

oK! We all have a chance to win. Let's continue on.

There may be a high chance to win one of the mediocre Duostar items.

There may be a good chance to receive a Ventus coupon that you can use as a raffle ticket for a chance to win either a random Scratchy or Papel rare on the current set. You can stock up on these coupons for a higher chance of your ticket being drawn at the end of the event.

Then, there may be a very low chance to win a rainbow feather.

You get 1 random prize per day gifted to your mailbox. It will reset the next day (PDT). You can repeat the Daily Mission more than once.

There may be a high chance to win a Rainbow Feather for a random Character.

Then, there may be a very low chance to win one of those old eCard Clubset (released back during OGP times)

Mission 1: Simply play 30 VS game. It can be 3 holes if you want to finish it faster.

Mission 2: Just think of a hole that's flat enough to where you can make a long putt. Don't fail to much since it cannot go below a par.

Mission 3: Just break a new record.

Mission 4: No need for an explanation, just make 30 eagles. HiO on par 3 is not an eagle in case you are thinking that.

Mission 5: Basically do 18 hole VS or Tourney on all the courses. This mission will take the longest to finish. I recommend you start on this mission first, as it works your way to completing your other four missions as well.

You only get 1 random prize gifted once the event is over. So unlike the Daily Mission, you cannot repeat this mission more than once.

Finally, a new motion item. This will be Pangya US 2nd motion item to be released. OGPlanet only released Azer's motion item. All of the motion items will work the same. For Nuri, there will be 3 different choices of hoverboards to choose from, and the only differences are the colors. Lastly, outfits for several Characters will be released in the shop.

WT-GreenLine, WT-OrangeSlip, WT-RedPremium (for Nuri only)
Stats: Accuracy +1 Spin +1. Hit Pangya for 3 bonus pang & miss Pangya for 2 bonus pang. Increases treasure point rate. Drops two event items instead of one. New Tee and Albatross/HiO animation. Animation video demo.


Where have I seen an event like this before? Oh yeah, it's almost identical to Korea's event back on June. So I can almost explain my experience with their event that may be similar to Pangya US.

For the Daily Missions, I won just a handful of those coupons, but mostly all I got was those Duostar items. The Dolfini headset were very hard to win too. I would recommend concentrating on Timed Mission - Mission 5. You can do two full tournaments, and then do a quick 3 hole with someone to complete your daily mission while you get closer to finishing the Time Mission. That's what I did.

As for the Timed Mission, the clubsets are the big prize, but there's a slim chance of winning it. So you will most likely win the Rainbow feather for {you guessed it} a random Character. I did see a small amount of players winning those clubs on Korea, but I wouldn't get too excited to think the winning rate between the clubset and feathers are equal. Not to mention you can only get 1 prize from this, and that's the end of it. As for the rates, let's see how it turns out on US server.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gametree Service

On August 31st, Ntreev Korea company revealed a teaser site of their project called Gametree. The teaser site displayed a few lineup of games, including Pangya KR. Now today, Gametree is scheduled to officially open after maintenance to last seven eight (delay) hours.

The name "Gametree" comes from a variety of games on a single tree. As time progresses, the tree will continue to grow bigger and stronger. This is what they hope to accomplish with their service. In the near future, more new lineup of games are planned to be distributed such as Koei's Three Kingdoms Online, a baseball game, and much more. Mobile and flash games are also planned to be released as well to strengthen more genre and simple platform games.

In times like this, Ntreev cannot run the game on its own. With Gametree's service, they will do their best to provide a great experience for their players.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pangya US Gacha Launched

Pangya US has released yet another lottery system on their server today. Will this overhaul Gacha system be able to answer to all the complaints and disappointments in the past?

Pangya scratch rares has always been a huge controversial issue not only Ntreev US, but on OGPlanet in the past as well. We are talking about price, rates, and fairness. So how does this the new Gacha system solve this dilemma? Well let's break it down.

● Price
You need to purchase Gacha coins with real money currency. Each coin costs $2, but if you purchase larger bundles you will receive bonus coins so it's worth buying the expensive package to get your money's worth. The price is steep, but that all depends on the outcome that you can read on the next part below.

● Rates
There is a high probability of getting a rare than the previous scratch systems ever to release so far. I do remember back on OGPlanet's eCard system when they released Fairy Ears, I had to spend at least $50-60 for one ear each. You do the math how much I've spent in the end. You pay more, but you earn a higher chance of obtaining the rare. I much prefer that than spending small amounts with hardly any chance of winning at all.

● Fairness
You cannot trade, sell, or buy Gacha rares. That may be disappointing to some of you, but I'm not bothered with it. You cannot win duplicate rares unlike the Scratchy system so that's a big plus. Another great thing is that if you don't receive a rare, you do win some useful items out of it. Items such as Auto Calipers, XP items, Comet balls, and more.

So there are 6 Gacha Comets to choose before the lottery sets out to determine what you will receive. I doubt there's a pattern to picking the right Comet ball since I believe it's just for show, but I could be wrong. The flash video on the Gacha system is decent considering that it's exclusive on Pangya US. It's too bad that players who hated Black Papel lottery will have to see this greedy bag on here too. ;;

Both Scratchy and Gacha will remain on the server as it is. That's actually pretty interesting that you can purchase Gacha coins, and earn Scratchy cards at the same time. I suppose Scratchy rares will still continue to release random sets, and the rates are still lowered as usual.

As for my overall impression, I am liking the new Gacha system. It's definitely an improvement than the eCard and Scratchy system. The big question is how often will a new Gacha rare be introduced? If they follow a typical pattern, it should be once per month. We've seen that Scratchy system has taken a long time to update to their 2nd set, but that system is probably a leftover lottery machine to get rares. If they unitize both Gacha and Scratchy to release newer rares, there's a distinct chance of them to catch up to Korea and Japan servers. If I were them, I would release the best scratch rares on the Gacha system, and the others that are mediocre, put them in the Scratchy system.

It's a good step in the right direction. Now how about those other problems like foreign languages, script kiddies, events, and bugs? Players won't mind spending money on your new Gacha system, but if the community morale doesn't improve, then it's back to square one again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

KR Update (9-10-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server maintenance on September 10th from 8:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM. Eastern time will be from 7:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM on September 11th. A total of 3 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 11:00 AM (10:00 PM EDT).

Content Update
1) New Course Launch
- Eastern Valley 16th Course updates

2) New Theme
- Eastern Valley will appear in background when logging in

3) Kimono Outfits on Sale
- Japanese Kimono for all Characters
- Limited two week sales period

4) New Course Opening Event
- Hole drop Event
- Bulletin Board Screenshot Event
- Blog entry pertaining to new course
- Playthough reward event
- Event period: 9/10 ~ 10/6

Content Remove
1) Ribbon Title
- Title removal
- Screenshot ribbon logo removal

Event 1 - Hole Drop Event

● Period: September 10th ~ October 6th

● Information
Only on Eastern Valley, you may receive a raffle ticket popping out from the hole. You can use these tickets for a chance to win prizes in a random drawing contest. You must first log-in to the site, and then go here to the lottery page.

There are a total of 8 prizes, but it will be broken down into 4 categories with 2 prizes on each slot. There is a time limit on each categories where players can only submit their tickets until time is up to move on to the next set. Since a majority of you do not live in Korea, go for the in-game items instead. There are no limits on the amount of entries so the more times you use your ticket on the one you want, the higher chances of winning.


Prize 1: iRiver MP4 Player (x1)
Prize 2: Rainbow Fairy Wings (x10)
Duration: September 10th ~ 15th
Ends: September 16th
Prize 1: Logitech WavePro Keyboard + Mouse Sets (x1)
Prize 2: Rune Fairy Wings (x10)
Duration: September 17th ~ 22nd
Ends: September 23rd

Prize 1: Nintendo Wii + WiiFit Package (x1)
Prize 2: Exceed Voice Clubs (x10)
Duration: September 24th ~ 29th
Ends: September 30th

Prize 1: LG 23-inch LCD Monitor (x1)
Prize 2: 37th Scratch Set (x10)
Duration: October 1st ~ 6th
Ends: October 7th

● Notice
- Recommend using Internet Explorer to properly view the event page
- In-game items will be gifted for a random Character (excluding clubset)

Event 2 - BBS Event

● Period: September 10th ~ 24th / Winner announcement: September 30th

● Information
As you play and explore the new course, why not take several screenshots along the way? The picture can be anything as you like as long as both your own Character, mascot bands, and Eastern Valley course are involved. Screenshots are to be uploaded to the bulletin board located here on their website. Do not forget to log-in to upload your picture.

The best shots will be handpicked and announced as the winner. The winners will receive a prize listed below from greatest to least. There are a total of 14 prizes to be given out.

iRiver MP4 Player (x1)
Portable MP3 Player (x3)
5000 Won Certificate (x10)

● Notice
- Put [삼박자] as your topic title to show that the picture is uploaded for the contest.
- The mascot bands must be included in the screenshot as well to count
- Your nickname needs to be visible on the image to count
- Submit only one screenshot
- You can take a screenshot with the F11 key

Event 3 - Blog entry pertaining to new course

● Period: September 10th ~ October 6th / Winner announcement: October 12th

● Information
GM Rami will create a topic over on the bulltin board here for players to submit their own blog entries relating to the new release of Eastern Valley. Just post your URL down, and hope that he like yours the best. There are 13 prizes to be given out if you are selected as a winner.

Philips Bluetooth Headset (x1)
Sony Bluetooth Headset (x2)
10,000 Won Certificate (x10)

● Notice
- It ends on October 6th at 6:00 PM
- Five Won Certificate will be picked that are listed on Naver site. The remaining prizes will be picked by the staff.

Event 4 - Playthough reward event

● Period: September 10th ~ October 6th

● Information
Play a full 18 hole game on Eastern Valley and you will receive x20 Auto Calipers, x20 Time Boosters, and x10 Power Potions(+15yd). It will be gifted to your mailbox system once you have completed it. This will go on until the last day of the event.

● Notice
- You can only obtain this gift once per day.

Update 1 - Eastern Valley Launched

There's no need to repeat myself about this course again. I believe you heard enough about it. If not, you can check back my previous posts. It should have all the juicy details you need to know about this course.

Update 2 - Japanese Kimono Sets

When Japan launched Eastern Valley, they released the Hanbok Korean outfits to go with the course's oriental theme. Now Korea will receive the new course along with the Japanese Kimono outfits. So both Korea and Japan has swapped their traditional dresses from each other. But in this case, it makes sense because either of their counterpart traditional dress has ever released on their server.

Kimono outfits are available for all Characters! These outfits won't last long so players will have to make up their mind to get what they want in two weeks. If any of you are interested in these dresses, just send me an e-mail and we'll work something out. I've always wanted Hana's Kimono dress ever since I watched TSURARA's BL superplay video on YouTube. That was around three years ago!

© 2009, All rights reserved. This material may be copied online once credited to the rightful owner.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Eastern Valley Playthrough

Can't get enough of Eastern Valley yet? Well I'm about done with it myself.

After playing a couple of rounds of this new course today, it was time for me to step it up even further. I managed to fix the recording device so I wouldn't have to run Fraps while I'm playing. So the quality will be a major improvement than my first walk-through video. Another great addition is that I'm not playing around four in the morning so that helps tremendously.

I'll still keep my first walk-through video. It shows how it was like to play that course for the very first time. Also, I took the time to view the NPCs and the scenery as well.

So watch through the clips and see how well I did. I saved the best part on the last hole. Enjoy~

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eastern Valley Walkthrough

So I woke up around four in the morning to get a chance to try out Eastern Valley that has launched in Japan. It's disappointing that Korea did not release this course earlier than Japan. Korea is probably busy finishing up the Pangya Championship beta that is now down to 16 players remaining.

I managed to record a video of myself playing the course. However... I ran into a lot of difficulties such as:

- I did not have a capture device with me, so I recorded using Fraps on the lowest settings so the Pangya bar wouldn't stutter much.

- My microphone did not pick up my voice clearly to talk about the new course.

- At the end of the round, Fraps ended up crashing so the last 3 holes got cut off.

- And video quality is poor

So I didn't feel like recording it all over again, so I'll give you whatever I managed to get so far. You can expect people to post their own videos sometime soon, but at least you get to see how the course is like way earlier. Enjoy the video of me playing Eastern Valley for the very first time while I'm half-awake.

Eastern Valley Walkthough #1
Eastern Valley Walkthough #2
Eastern Valley Walkthough #3

This course plays relatively easy. Almost too easy. This course does not deserve a ☆☆ at all. I suppose when you have 5 ☆ courses and 2 ☆☆ courses, you might as well make it balance.

Most of the greens and ball slopes are evenly flat so you can achieve a backspin chip-in pretty easily. Even though the course is vast as they say, you can pretty much reach the hole with a 250 drive like how I did in the video. Of course, I didn't play that well because I'm not used to having a low drive, and fraps was messing around with my Pangya bar.

The waterfalls and rivers was another concern I had. I figured they were going to use them to give this course a challenge. Since this is a 2-star course, they could have at least made it where you had to water bounce to get further in this vast course. I never ran into any holes that you had to do such a thing, it's just for show.

Well that's about it. Sorry that the video didn't turn out well, but I'm sure there are people making videos of their play-through right now that you can check out later. At least I got mine out of the way to enjoy my long weekend.

So what's my overall impression? It's decent, but nothing extraordinary. It's very easy since there are no obstacles in your way. The course is huge, but that's because of the environment. You can reach the green relatively easy even if you think you cannot. Visuals are good, and the NPCs are all over the place to make the course look lively. I believe a majority of players will be playing this easy course all the time so you won't be seeing nothing but Ice Spa and Blue Lagoon only. I suppose I expected more from Eastern Valley, but there's always another course for Season 5 to look forward to. Eastern Valley is fun and relaxing to play nevertheless, and sometimes we need some of that to keep playing.

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