Thursday, July 16, 2009

Heading off to Korea

Hello everybody, I have an announcement to make before I leave.

I will be traveling to Seoul, South Korea tomorrow morning for my summer vacation. I will be gone until August 10th, therefore my SLGaming site will be inactive until I return. I will be staying at my family's apartment during my time there. My Mom's family wanted to see me again, and I also like to see how computer related jobs handle over there relating to my field of study. But most importantly, I want to have a good time.

This will be my third trip to South Korea. I have everything packed up and ready to go. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures too.

See you all later.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

KR Update (7-16-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server and website maintenance on July 16th from 7:00 ~ 10:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 6:00 ~ 9:00 PM on July 15th. A total of 3 hours of server downtime. Servers will officially open at 10:00 AM (9:00 PM EDT).

Hot Summer Update
1) 35th Scratch Rare
2) Hot Summer Specials on Sale
3) Pangya Bingo Event
4) Titanboo Plush
5) Re-release Nickname Change

#1 - 35th Scratch Rare

"Tag, you're it!!" - Everyone
"Boo-hoo... you are so mean!!" - A sobbing Lucia

This year will mark the third swimsuit set to come out on the scratch card system. The swimwear outfits will be released for Lucia, Hana, Max, Azer, and Arin. The other four characters not receiving this set may be released in the next set? We'll find out next month.

If you pay close attention to Max's hair, it looks like they will finally be able to release that piece. That hairstyle has been shown since the Season 4 promotion trailer. Then later, we see that hairstyle on the waiter outfit that never got released. So maybe now, they will finally release that piece that we've seen over a year ago.

I really like to get Azer's swimsuit, it fits him really well and the design is well done. Both Hana and Arin looks nice too, but I have to see the backside to get my full impression on it first, keke. The hat gives them a nice shade from the hot scorching sun. And finally, Lucia gets a bikini with a short skirt on top of it. It also comes with a new hairstyle. It's surprising she doesn't want to get more bare for this year, but if the swimsuit doesn't fit your bill, the hairstyle is worth alone to add to your collection anyways to mix with variety of her other outfits.

Some scratch rare swimsuits will have the option to change the outfit on Cadie's Magic Box.

#2 - Hot Summer Specials on Sale

It's time to get those summer sales goin'. Last year swimsuit outfits and accessories will be available in the shop for a limited time. To top it off, these swimsuits will be marked down 20% from the original cost. The watermelon aztec ball will also be available in the shop, and the price will be marked down to 50% of the cost. All of this will be on sale from now until September 1st.

The Watermelen Aztec sale is very tempting to stock up due to it's good price reduction. The effect is the same as the Water Phoenix that you gain 1 extra pang for each bounce. It's a little difficult to see your spin marker is set on seven, but there are other methods you can use to be sure of it. I just may buy a bundle of them. Sadly, the old Season 3 swimsuit will not be available to purchase.

#3 - Pangya Bingo Event

Simply have fun playing 18 holes on tournament or vs mode to receive one stamp. The stamp will be placed on your bingo board on a random number. Once you get a bingo, the prize will be sent to your gift box. The prizes that you can win are listed below:

1x Golden Air Knight Clubset
1x Lucia's Magical Outfit Set
2x Lily Flower
20x Chestnut (x2 exp)
20x Duostar PS
20x Duostar SS
20x Duostar LS

You have a possible chance to win up to 12 times. The event will last from now until August 4th.

* If you leave early using the Tiki scroll, you have to wait until the round ends before you will receive your stamp.
* It's possible the stamp will overlap the one that is already placed on the board

#4 - Titanboo Plush

On the main site, you can see a small banner on the right side where they are selling Titanboo plushie for around 40k won. In addition, you will also receive a 100 cookie gift to enter the code on the cookie payment screen.

#5 - Re-release Nickname Change

On July 13th, GM Rami has announced that they will be re-releasing the nickname change system again. This function was disabled back when Hanbitsoft company left due to contract term. This news has delighted many players who enjoyed changing their nickname often once they are bored with their current name. However, there is a catch in the system that turned everyone's smile upside down.

GM Rami has spoken 5 things about the re-release system that I will list below here. Rami's words will be written in purple to match with her gender role.

1) Once a new nickname has been changed, you cannot re-change it again until 7 days has passed.

2) This new nickname system will be implemented when it's released this week on July 16th. ^-^

3) You may visit our homepage where you can input a new nickname there to see if it's available without having to log into the game server. ♀

4) The previous cost to change nickname was 5 cookies, but this change will be raised to 49 cookies now. This change may be surprising at first, but please understand that we are providing this function for the purpose of protecting your privacy in the game. :O

I believe you see why the players are not happy with this. The huge price increase to change your nickname is simply: absurd. Players who loved to change their nicknames so many times before will now be limited due to this unpleasant change. Has Ntreev finally shown their true side of greed?

But let's not forget that players with PC Bang will have the benefits to change their nickname for free! So maybe this high price change is not so bad after all. Oh, but let me continue since I mentioned GM Rami stated 5 things about the system. Now on to #5.

5) The benefit of free nickname change will be excluded from the PC Bang features. ☠

Yeah, I'm sure you know what happens next after that shocking expression. But I'll leave that to your imagination. The feedback from most players are negative of course, and this is what some of them have to say about it:

"No surprise for the increase price. Other games require 5,000 or 10,000 won to change name." - Rich Korean kid who is not helping at all

"This creates a way for players to scam someone and change the name now. Better to not implement at all..." - An annoyed Korean

" My suggestion would be to charge 10-15 cookies, free nickname change from PC Bang not available, and next nickname change limit is 15 or 30 days long to prevent fraud." - A concerned Korean

"49 cookies? This is a joke right? You are trying to improve privacy, but instead you make it worse to encourage scam." - An angry Korean who probably does lots of trading

"This can't improve protection of our accounts to change our nickname if we can still see their username on the guild page section!" - A wise Korean

"Now 5 cookies is a suitable price. Everyone agree? Why not allow people to see username on info like before? Why block that because of privacy. 7 days waiting to change is good to avoid robbery, but the price is like -_-;. I understand 5 -> 10 increase, but 5 -> 49? - A Korean who talks to much

Scam and stolen accounts is a problem that many online games has to endure, and Pangya is no exception. Back then when Hanbitsoft was publishing the game, even if you changed your nickname so many times, the user name on their info will remain the same. This has changed when Ntreev took over to hide the username info to prevent account theft. It's a bold move, but thanks to that, if you change your nickname, your name on your info will change too. Scammers could take advantage of the system, even at the high cost of 49 cookies would be worth depending on the value of the rare. That's probably why they have raised the price due to this.

The next day, an official announcement was posted concerning about the nickname change system. They have listened to their players, and they apologize for disappointing them. They explained that a lot of accounts got stolen because of their username exposed and crack the password.

Since nickname change can be dangerous to do item trades with strangers, they go on to talk about releasing a trading 1:1 system to solve the solution. They also mention that free nickname change will be available for everyone from now until August 4th. After that, you will be charged to change your nickname.

* Free nickname change till 8-4-09
* If you changed your nickname for free, you have to wait next week if you decide you want to change it again

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DI Grinding Tips

DI? = Deep Inferno
Grinding? = Experience points
Tips? = To gain exp points quicker


Now that Season 4 has launched, the new system will give more experience points if you play a difficult course. There are only two courses with the highest difficulty: Wind Hill and Deep Inferno. Between the two, Deep Inferno is the fastest and the easiest way to earn experience points than Wind Hill.

Korean players have organized their own methods to host their own rooms to gain experience points fast. I like to share how their strategy works so you may get an understanding on how they do it. You might not follow exactly as they do, but if it gives you some ideas from their methods, that will do just fine. This guide is all about getting the round done as fast as possible.

Things to bring with you

1) Time Boosters
The biggest essential to speed up the game.

2) 250 or more drive distance
You will need a decent drive to reach the green easier.

3) Power Potions and items to help you hit Pangya easier
You may need power potions for both Hole 2 and 3. As a precaution, go ahead and bring the lucky star item with you so that will save lots of times if you hit Pangya consistently.

4) Auto-Calipers (optional)
This will decrease the time it takes to make your shot. Especially if you need the right power-cut for Hole 2 without having to manually get the percentage just right that will take up more time.

5) x2 Exp items, 20% mascot, 10% card (card not released yet/optional)
Make your time worth spent. Add more bonus towards earning experience points.

6) Pot of coffee and adult diapers (if you are a super serial player/optional)
Be sure you are prepared to sit on that chair until you pass out. Careful, you might not wake up from it either. Maintain your health.

Host Room Rules

1) Room name
Be sure to set the room name properly so players will know what the prerequisites are to enter. It's your room, you can set the rules how ever you please. If they do not follow, they can play in a different room. Make the name simple like: x2/40 sec/toma. x2 is simply time boosters. 40 sec means that the time limit is set on 40 seconds per shot. Lastly, Toma can be referred to only do Tomahawk shots only.

If people name their rooms the same with other people, they will catch on to understand what it means (like 4 & go for example).

2) Special Shot Restriction Rule
A rule that you can create to limit powershots to Tomahawks only. There are two reasons for this. First, if a player accidentally miss hitting a Spike shot from the tee on Hole 2, the ball will most likely land outside of the green that will cost more time in the game. A missed Tomahawk is not as harsh and it'll have a higher chance landing on the green to save time.

Secondly, players can abuse spike shot from the tee on Hole 3. This will give them a good amount of overdrive pang that can get them in 1st place if all players end with the same score. This action will force almost everyone to perform a spike shot, and there's a chance that they may miss hitting a spike shot that will land in a poor spot.

3) Point-Click-Shoot Rule
You can set the rule to where everyone must shoot within a certain amount of seconds. If you play holes 1 ~ 3 long enough, you'll automatically know how much power to hit to make your shot instantly. At this point, it does not matter what position you place at the end. If all the players play fast each round, you are gaining more experience points than taking the time to make a chip-in. An example would be that players must shoot within 15 seconds on the clock.

Personal Preference Tips

1) Set to 7 spin
Set your spin stats on 7. It may save the time to set the spin correctly when attempting to HiO on Hole 2.

2) Caddy Removal
Removes animation time from your caddy when making a putt.

3) Lower Control
If you are confident hitting Pangya with low control, you can speed up your pangya bar to make the shot. However, if you use auto-calipers, this may not be necessary.

4) Closer to hole
Make sure you remember or write notes on how much power to hit on each hole to get close to the cup. It's better than having to putt far away, and a chance that you may even miss the putt. Extra benefit for getting close to the hole will receive more pang from "Nice Approach" bonus for a high chance to get into 1st place if no one chips.

5) Hole 3 fairway
Hole 3 is a good chance to gain overdrive pang to move your position up from other players.

6) Plan your shot during break
While you wait for your opponent to make the shot, go ahead and plan your shot before it's your turn. Not only it will save time, but you may even chip it in too.

7) Powershot more often if necessary
Not only this makes it almost accurate to get closer to the cup, but you will also gain bonus pang for using a powershot itself. Pang plays an important role to determine what place you will be positioned at the end of the round.

That's about all I can think off. There may be other unique ways to make it easier to gain experience points. This is a basic list on how Korea does their Deep Inferno rounds. As for Pangya US, it's all up to the community on how to handle it. But like I said earlier, you don't have to follow their footsteps. You could follow exactly like it, or get some general ideas from it. That's the purpose of this post today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

JPN: Vocaloid Event Review

The Vocal series has finally come to an end this week on Pangya Japan. Lots of great outfits were released along with some new remixes from Pangya. There are two Vocaloid events that happened last year and the one that just ended now.

Here's a review on what they have released on two Vocaloid events. Remix songs will be available to download for a limited time. You can also click on the thumbnail banners to view it larger.

Vocaloid Event 1
Event duration: May 22nd ~ June 12th (2008)

Release date: 5-22-08

+ Hatsune Miku collaboration w/Kooh
+ CVS01 Miku costume on sale limited time
+ "A Shiny Day" remix

Release date: 5-29-08

+ Hatsune Miku collaboration w/Negi Clubset
+ Negi leek clubset available in Gachapon lottery
+ "Bunny Picnic" remix

Release date: 6-5-08

+ Kagamine Rin collaboration w/Erika (Hana)
+ CVS02 Rin costume on sale limited sale
+ "Revive" remix

Release date: 6-12-08

+ Kagamine Len collaboration w/Ken (Nuri)
+ CVS02 Len costume on sale limited time
+ "Crystal Lake" remix

Vocaloid Event 2
Event duration: June 4th ~ July 9th

Release date: 6-4-09

+ Megurine Luka collaboration w/Arin
+ CVS03 Luka costume on sale limited time
+ "nowhere" remix

Release date: 6-11-09

+ Re-release costumes from last year
+ Kooh (Miku), Rin (Erika), and Len (Ken) costume on sale limited time
+ "Bunny Picnic" magical lunchbox mix

Release date: 6-25-09

+ MEIKO collaboration w/Cecilia
+ KATIO collaboration w/Kaz
+ Sound MEIKO Saki collaboration w/Lucia
+ Cecilia (MEIKO), Kaz (KATIO), and Lucia (MEIKO Saki) costume on sale limited time
+ "Crystal lake" - 273k mix - (6-18 update)
+ "Snowscape" yks remix feat. MEIKO and KAITO

Release date: 7-2-09

+ "revive" prayer for the planet mix
+ "a shiny day" the Sun, the miracle aztec
+ Vocaloid wallpaper download
1024x600 1280x768 1280x1024 1600x1200 1920x1080 1920x1200

The only Characters that are missing the Vocaloid outfits are Bob and Max. Who knows if there will be a third Vocaloid event next year. We'll have to wait next year to find out. Psst, bring Arin's Luka outfit to Korea soon oK?

* a shiny day & a shiny day the Sun, the miracle aztec is basically the same
* revive remix & revive prayer for the planet mix is basically the same
* bunny picnic & bunny picnic magical lunchbox mix is basically the same

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pangya US Season 4 Launch

I would Zero Fill her Love anytime : )

Pangya USA will finally be bringing a new season for their fourth edition. The server downtime is approximately 24 hours long. When I say "approximately," the time will be vary so be expected of that. There will be no need for beta testing the new season either. Finally, when Season 4 is ready to launch, you may experience a few bugs that got transitioned from the developers from Korea. Be sure to be ready for that.

Downtime Schedule
7-9 6:00 AM (EDT) ~ 7-10 6:00 AM (EDT)

So while you wait for the new season. What can you expect from this grand update? Well, quite a lot. I'll make a list the best I can on what you will be expecting now, and later in the near future.

US launch update

New Layout Design

A new user interface will be refined to give it a new fresher look. Most of the design will still exist from Season 3, but you will notice a few new changes while you browse through the new system.

New Character: Lucia
This spoiled 17-year-old girl who doesn't know what a bra is will be the next new Character on Pangya island. She's always a happy girl that loves jewelry and sparkling gems. Pangya players who plans to use this expensive girl will need to prepare to invest a lot money to keep her maintained and stylish. Her initial launch should come with two cookie sets, and one pang set. She costs 35,000 pang to purchase.

New Course: Lost Seaway
The next 15th course is underway, Lost Seaway that is. The course difficulity is ranked low, so all players will be able to enjoy this bizarre course. Veteran players can take the usual approach to chip-in while newcomers can use the gate portals to launch their ball further. Be cautious that the portals will help you at times, but it can also mess you up so be careful. This course is all about trial and error to work around with the gate portals to your advantage. Players can also use the gate portals from the tee to receive a fair amount of overdrive bonus for freebie pangs.

Course Difficulty Rearranged
Most of the courses will have their difficulty changed for the best result possible. The biggest change is that the previous 1-3 star rank will now become 1-5 to make it easier to rate all the courses properly.

New Experience Bonuses
To reward players for playing a harder course, players will receive experience points based on the course's difficulity level.

Requirement Level Lowered
The experience points required to receive a new title has been lowered significantly. This change will only affect those who are Pro E and below. Levels higher than that will remain the same as Season 3's experience point requirements.

Season 3
Rookie A -> Beginner E = 168
Beginner A -> Junior E = 445
Junior A -> Senior E = 990
Senior A -> Amateur E = 2898
Amateur A -> Semi-Pro E = 5742
Semi-Pro A -> Pro E = 9720

Season 4
Rookie A -> Beginner E = 100
Beginner A -> Junior E = 213
Junior A -> Senior E = 491
Senior A -> Amateur E = 1224
Amateur A -> Semi-Pro E = 2346
Semi-Pro A -> Pro E = 6480

Camera Angles
There's a small change on the camera angle movement from the tee shot area. In Season 4, more new animations are on the way from the motion items.

Self Matching System
You can customize what kind of players you are allowed in your room. You can arrange different ranks to your liking to play with player with the same skill level as you. Friends on your buddy list can automatically come into your room easier with the new system too.

Treasure System
Treasure system is a new feature on Season 4 to receive bundle of items based on your overall performance. There will be a treasure meter shown on each hole to keep track on how many points you have accumulated. Once the round is over you will receive a handful of items based on how many treasure points you earned. You will also gain bonus points depending on your drop rate items, course difficulty, and the course popularity.

Powershot Missing System
If a performed powershot fails to hit a Pangya, the powershot will still activate regardless. However, be known that a missed powershot may create a huge slice on the ball, making the ball fly irregularly when it's launched in the air.

My Real Room System
Your own private little room where you can run around and add furniture. There will also be a safebox to store your valuable items and pangs in a 4 digit num-lock. The room also features a gifting system that you can gift item to your friends by paying a small pang fee. And also you can check to see if you received any gifts too. There's plenty to see in the new "my room" revamped system.

New Tutorial Mode + Rookie Channel Update -new-
They finally brought the new tutorial mode and the new revamped rookie server update that was supposed to appear way back in Season 3.

All players can do each tutorial mission to receive prizes gifted to your account. There are two great prizes for doing the tutorial, Lucky Air Knight Clubset and Papel Caddie (if you haven't gotten it already).

Lucky Air Knight grants you a large pangya zone with the exception of having zero power stats. This club can only be equipped if you are a Beginner A or below.

The new Rookie server will be the place where newcomers should play to get the feel for the game. All winds will be 1-3m, hole cup size are bigger, and courses are restricted to play on 1 star difficulty only. Also, if Pangya US got this implemented, you can only get a maximum of 5000 pang per round.

Black Papel Shop Changed -new-
Black Papel Shop will now carry Tiki scrolls available to win in the lottery. Also, you gamble as many times as you want since it's unlimited. It's just like the same as Korea, which means the winning rates will be extremely low. So that does explain why the rates were so low when Ntreev US launched Pangya in Season 3. kekeke~

US Season 4 Coming Soon

Self Design System and Clothes
The Self Design system is used to draw designs on outfits for your favorite Characters. You can proudly wear your designed outfit to show off in the game, or sell it to other people.

Ghost Mode
Shot data will be recorded when you play a full 18 hole round. You click on a player's profile where you can find a new ghost mode button to view what that person has played. You can play the ghost version of other players or yourself. Be known that this mode may become buggy at some point where it'll crash the game, or make that data disappear forever. When you finish the round, you have the extra option to rapidly click on the pang bag to receive more bonus pangs. Once the round is over, a golden lock will show that you have completed that ghost round and you cannot go back to it until the next day. Some items such as time boosters, auto-calipers, power potions, etc will be consumed in ghost mode. You may also use your own time boosters to boost through the ghost's play, but remember that it consumes your boosters too.

New Approach Mode
A new upgrade from Season 3's approach mode. Instead of receiving pang, you will be earning items from the new treasure system. The concept of getting close to the hole is still there. You are not competing in this mode only for yourself, but you will need to cooperate to other players too. This mode is all about receiving treasure boxes, and there are two ways on receiving it. Either get closer to the hole than anyone, or follow the mission objectives.

Missions can range for specific players only to everybody. Some missions provide exclusive rewards toward to their equipment, while some have missions where people have to work together so everyone can receive the boxes.

Card System
The card system adds another layer of extra benefits that can improve your game. There are different types of cards that either equips on your Character's outfit, or a card that is used for one time only and disappears. There are time limit cards that will last for 2 real-time hours upon activation. The time limit effect on the card will disappear when time is up.

New Replay System
Normally, the tape will replay your shot and that's the end of it. The new replay system will now record everything you do on that hole with the cost of a single replay tape. It will be stored in your inventory that you can watch your replay as many times as you want. You can only store 10 replay data per account. The replay data will be stored on your Pangya folder. It does not record the actual video, but it saves all of your shot data in the system so the file size is not heavy.

Well I think I pretty much listed what to expect from Season 4. Most of the new stuff (excluding self-design and approach mode) that are coming soon are acceptable. When Korea launched Season 4, there were new stuff that got added in the system later on. There are some modes that may need more time to test and translate too. Give Pangya US time to evolve to complete all that Season 4 has to offer.

Pangya Season 4 KR Guide
Season 4 closed-beta preview video
Lucia gameplay in action 1|2

I'm available at anytime to answer questions about Season 4. Take it from a veteran player who has played Season 4 for over a year already.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Starting to Twitter

As you can tell already, I've started on using Twitter. I've been hearing about it for so long that I decided to try it out too. I do not think my twitter page is completed the way I want it yet so it's still in the process for improvements. Most of you are probably familiar with how Twitter works. I'm still new to this since I just started this week, but so far it's very intuitive to me.

So what I'll mostly post on twitter are things about what's happening around me. I will also include Pangya related materials along with my achievements on Pangya KR. I could also use it as some sort of a sneakpeek preview on what I'm about to post on my site.

I'll still continue posting on my SLGaming site regularly, but all the little stuff that I may want to share can go into my twitter comments instead. You can expect lots of interesting "tweets" from me so be sure to check it out often and see what's going on with me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

KR Update (7-7-09)

Pangya Season 4 Delight on Korea will be having server and website maintenance on July 7th from 4:00 AM ~ 9:00 AM. Eastern time converts to 3:00 ~ 8:00 PM on July 6th. A total of 5 hours of server downtime. An additional three hours has been extended. Servers will officially open at 12:00 PM (11:00 PM EDT).

1) Blue Lagoon log-in background
2) Vocaloid outfit in shop (Miku, Len, Rin)
3) Green onion club set limited time
3) Winners from mission coupon announced this Friday
4) Nickname and chat filtering list updated

Content Remove
1) Pangya Event Missions

Bug fixes
1) Card disappearance on possession at random times
2) Kooh premium package set color change from white to black on shoe accessory to match with her profile picture on main site
3) Self design color palette refined
4) Upgrade/download stats error fixed

#1 - Hatsune Miku First Appearance on KR
All the craze from Japan video sites and youtube has finally come to Pangya KR. Vocaloid outfits will be released for Kooh, Hana, and Nuri. These sets will not be available for a limited time unlike Japan, so these Vocaloid sets are expected to stay.

Hatsune Miku
Age: 16
Height: 158cm
Weight: 42kg
Favorite Genre: J-Pops, Dance-Pops
Favorite Tempo: 70~150BPM
Best Voice Range: A3~E5

Hatsune Miku
collaboration w/
Hatsune MiKooh

Without a doubt, this outfit will be the most sought Vocaloid set that most people will buy, including me. With the green hair wig included in the set, players can make all sorts of combination with her other outfits.

Entire package set + Kooh: 86 cookies

Kagamine Len
Age: 15
Height: 156cm
Weight: 47kg
Favorite Genre: Pop dance & rock / pop-pop songs
Favorite Tempo: 70~160BPM
Best Voice Range: D3~C#5

Kagamine Len
collaboration w/
Kagamine Ruri

The spiky blond wig really matches Nuri's character. The costume comes with an unusual outfit with something that looks like an arm and leg warmers. Add that with headphones and he's ready to rock the course.

Entire package set + Nuri: 84 cookies

Kagamine Rin
Age: 15
Height: 152cm
Weight: 43kg
Favorite Genre: Pop dance and rock / pop-pop songs
Favorite Tempo: 85~175 BPM
Best Voice Range: f#3~C#5

Kagamine Rin
collaboration w/
Kagamine Hana

An outfit with a bright appearance while showing some skin for the right balance of style. Her blond wig comes with a large ribbon along with her headphones attached. The wig itself is worth alone to purchase for Hana.

Entire package set + Hana: 86 cookies

#2 - Hatsune Miku Purchase Event
From now until August 4th, when you buy any Vocaloid outfit, you will automatically be entered in the drawing for a chance to win one of the prizes that are listed below:

x30 Black Bongdari Umbrella
x50 35th scratch unreleased set
x50 Dolfini Headset for random Character

A total of 130 possible winners. The event ends on August 4th, and the winners will be announced on August 7th. Winners will receive the gift on that date. Good luck.

#3 - What about the leek? It's here though

Apparently they did release this clubset today. What's amazing are the stats. Comparing the stats from Japan, Korea receives the superior version. However, the voices exclusive for Kooh does not have it like in Japan. That's alright though. The price matches the same as the other cookie clubs, and there are no level requirement. This club will also stay the in the shop permanently.

#4 - Other thoughts
But, what about the new Vocaloid content that is currently going on Japan right now? I believe those updates will come later, perhaps next year is my guess. Today's update on Korea along with the leek club is exactly what was released last year on Japan's first Vocaloid event. So I would not be surprised if approximately next year, Korea will bring the rest of the Vocaloid updates to here. There's still a chance for those content to release this year too. Let's just wait and see.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth

Since I have people from all over world visiting my site, most of you probably don't know what this holiday is all about. Every 4th of July in the United States, we celebrate Independence Day. We take this day to recognize our symbol of America, and it's the day when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Well, I'm not going go to details about it since I hate history myself.

Most people will normally have barbecue with friends and family. Fireworks at night can be setup at your home, or other places that provides for the public. Probably the only thing I like about this holiday is to take advantage of getting multiple days off from work, like me. :D

I really don't have any plans on this day. My family is out on their vacation so I guess I'll celebrate by myself. So if you want to share your plan for this day, feel free to comment.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Max's Pantsu

Max knows how to make a girl fall for you.

Hand over your underwear with a signed autograph. Genius!